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The Best Summer Spots in the Scenic Rim!

Updated: May 21

Ketchup's Bank Glamping's position up in the hills of the Scenic Rim gives us the most spectacular summer sunsets along with beautiful afternoon mountain breezes. But, summer is also a great time to explore a hidden swimming hole or a cool cafe. With three local lakes (Maroon, Moogerah and Wyaralong), and beautiful towns nearby, it only takes a little bit of local knowledge to find a perfect, (almost secret) spot for a summer day in the Scenic Rim. Here are our Top Five!

On the outskirts of Lake Maroon, 40mins from Ketchup's Bank Glamping, you'll find Waterfall Creek, a picturesque rocky stream. If you follow the creek up stream about 200m, it opens up to a beautiful deep gorge and depending on the rain, you might even see a waterfall cascading over.

About the same distance away from Ketchup's, but closer to Lake Moogerah, you'll find another creek with a bit more space to spread out. You can park at the day area of Yaramalong Park for a gold coin fee and walk along the river bank to where the swimming hole opens up. It is a bit of a hidden track, but if you ask someone they'll point you in the right direction.

Another swimming hole on the outskirts of Lake Moogerah and again there is a small fee to access The Gorge day use. You can park right at the river where there's a ladder to get in the water and a rope swing. Or, you can wander down stream to find your own quiet spot.

Scenic Rim

Waterfall Creek Reserve, Scenic Rim

Scenic Rim

Yarramalong, Scenic Rim

Scenic Rim

The Gorge, Scenic Rim

4. Scenic Wandering Foods, Boonah

Maybe escaping the heat with an iced coffee in a cool cafe is more your style? Well we have got you covered as well! Scenic Wandering Foods (formerly Hummingbirds Pantry) is such an inviting (air-conditioned) cafe down the bottom of Boonah's main street and their food is healthy AND SO DELICIOUS!! Highly recommend for a tasty and completely guilt free lunch!

Another great cafe to spend some time with a book and a coffee. Lovett has plenty of space, aircon, charming decor and great food! You won't miss it in Kalbar's main street with their funky flower pots outside!

Scenic Wandering Foods Cafe, Scenic Rim

Scenic Wandering Foods Cafe

Lovett Cafe, Kalbar, Scenic Rim

Lovett Cafe, Kalbar


Then after some exploring, come back to base at one of our two Luxury Eco-tents or Tiny House retreat and chill out on a hammock, taking in the country air. Bliss :)


Baya Tiny House Eco Retreat, Scenic Rim

Baya Tiny House Eco-Retreat

hammock at Ketchup's Bank Glamping, Scenic Rim

Knapps Luxury Eco-Tent


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