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Best Seasons in the Scenic Rim, Glamping near Brisbane!

Updated: May 21

Not sure what season is the best to experience glamping near Brisbane in the Scenic Rim? Well there is something unique about every season. Here is what you can expect during a stay at Ketchup's Bank Glamping in Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring!

☀️ Summer at Ketchup's Bank Glamping in the Scenic Rim

Longer days and spectacular sunsets! The sun seems to set over the hills in just the right spot at Ketchup's Bank, setting off the landscape! You might even see an afternoon storm roll through with the sun sparkling through the clouds as it clears creating magical moments. With warmer days and more daylight to explore, you can also take advantage of the swimming holes, creeks and lakes hidden around the region. Although, if you choose to relax on the property, it's always a little cooler up in the mountains with our retreats designed to catch the cooler easterly breeze! Plus it's the festive season which means Christmas markets and street parades. Summer is actually pretty special at Ketchup's Bank!

🌿Autumn at Ketchup's Bank Glamping

There is a lot going for Summer in the Scenic Rim, but Autumn is hard to beat! Perfect temperatures during the day, great for exploring or simply relaxing in a hammock, and cooler nights for a private, cozy, campfire. Glamping heaven! And hiking heaven too! We are spoilt with natural wonders and national parks out here with some incredible walks and mountain climbs. The region is usually still green after summer too, making the countryside even more beautiful. Plus, if you get in early, Autumn is also the season of the now famous Sunflower Festival in April!

✨ Winter at Ketchup's Bank Glamping in the Scenic Rim

If you love the romance of glamping, this is your season. Nights by the fire under the stars, with toasted marshmallows and a glass of port before snuggling under the doona in a cozy warm bed with electric blankets. Winter is also the season of Scenic Rim Eat Local Month. Think long table lunches, markets, workshops and farm events. Everything great about our region is showcased all through June! However, it's probably the busiest season in the Scenic Rim, so don't leave it too late to book.

🪻Spring at Ketchup's Bank Glamping

You know spring has arrived when the golden winter landscape is broken up with little pops of colour, signaling warmer weather and longer days ahead. Flowering Wattles green and gold, blooming jacarandas and purple wildflowers dotted along the roadside. The new growth means the abundant wildlife are more active too, so it is a great time to snap a picture of the parrots feasting on the new flowers, wallabies with their joey's and if you are really lucky, maybe even an echidna or koala!

There is something special about each season. Come and experience glamping in this beautiful region! Check availability and lock in some time to visit :)


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