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bush scenery at Ketchup's Bank Glamping

Romance under the stars...

About Us

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The development of Ketchup’s Bank Glamping was based on a clear concept to provide ‘the glamour of luxury accommodation with the romance of camping under the stars’ in an ecologically friendly way. All aspects were carefully considered to achieve this perfect mix of glamour, camping and minimal environmental impact. The result is a unique nature based accommodation which provides a high level of luxury appointments. With a maximum of only six guests at any one time across our 100 acre property, Ketchup’s Bank Glamping truly offers the definition of a private luxury couples Eco-retreat.

Our Name...

The area has a rich early settler history of hardy timber cutters, bullock teams and pioneer cattle farmers. Ketchup’s Bank Glamping was named after an infamous track which caused a few problems for the bullock teams due to its steepness. This track is now the driveway into Ketchup’s Bank Glamping (never fear, the driveway is now sealed with bitumen to ensure your safe arrival).

Ketchup's Bank Glamping welcome sign

‘Up in the country off Green Hills Road, you can still see the tracks made by the bullockies where they snigged out the logs. You can see them quite clearly – if you know what you are looking for. And Clyde Nugent can point out snigging tracks along such steep inclines that you are left marvelling about just how they would have managed to achieve what they did. He talks of a track up Ketchup’s Bank on the border of the Boonah and Beaudesert Shires where you would need to use a team of 40 bullocks to bring up the logs.’


Article from Fassifern Guardian - Bullocky Lore

View from the Greenhills near Boonah

Our Location...

There are many hidden locations to escape to for breathtaking mountain views and glorious sunsets both on the property or along the secluded mountain roads. Ketchup’s Bank Glamping is located on Green Hills Rd just outside of Boonah, only 90mins from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Its spectacular mountain views are a local secret which is quickly being discovered by many lucky tourists.

Green Hills Rd was also featured in the car chase scene in Steve Irwin’s movie “The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course”, chosen for it’s seclusion and spectacular backdrop.

“Travel along Milford Rd to Green Hills Rd – gravel track quite passable in a conventional car in dry weather – and up on to the range behind a local peak called “Sugarloaf”.  At the top, you will find mountain views which, in my opinion, are unsurpassed in the state.  I found myself wondering what Namatjira would have done with them.”


John Wright, The Courier Mail

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