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Concrete Playground: Eight Best Glamping Spots

Updated: May 22

Check out Concrete Playground's write up of Ketchup's Bank Glamping :)

"A secluded spot? Tick. Views of mountains and national parks that'll make you want to say goodbye to city-living forever? Tick. Mod cons, even when you're immersed in nature? Tick again. That's what's on offer at Ketchup's Bank Glamping in Boonah in the Scenic Rim. Here, going bush gets the glamorous treatment. The site's eco-tents feature everything from wifi to DVD players, while you can also get into the swing of the setting by cooking your meals in a cast iron campfire oven. Or, do both — because if glamping is about one thing, it's about picking, choosing and combining the best parts of going away and heading outdoors."

Ketchup's Bank Glamping

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