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5 Reasons Glamping is the Perfect Gift!

Updated: May 21

Glamping is the perfect gift, so give the gift of Glamping in the Scenic Rim! The Lonely Planet even named the Scenic Rim as a top 10 region in THE WOLRD! There is definitely something special out here and the secret is getting out. So if you are tired of giving material gifts, give someone special a unique experience they will remember forever where they can slow down, connect and recharge. If you are still wondering what all the hype is about, here are five things we keep hearing from guests as to why they love glamping so much!

1. Time seems to move more slowly

We can all get caught up in the day to day runnings of life, being endlessly busy! Rushing here, hurrying there. It almost becomes normal. But when you given yourself a moment to pause the weight of all that background stress starts to lift and you feel a little lighter. When you stay at Ketchup's Bank Glamping, so many people comment on how time just goes a little slower. There is nowhere you have to be, nothing you have to do. Just time to BE.

2. Sitting around a campfire is good for the soul

Somehow hours can pass listening to the subtle crackling of the sticks and timber and watching the flickering flames while feeling the warm heat on your skin. It is hard to describe, but there is something a little magical about a campfire. It brings out connection with the people you are with and you find yourself not needing to check your phone or the time. If you can't remember the last time you sat around a fire, put it on your list for 2024!

3. Feel closer to nature

There have been studies done about the benefits of being surrounded by nature and whilst we don't have the thesis to prove it, our guests often comment on the peace and calm nature brings. Our glamping tents and tiny house eco-retreat are designed to have all the luxuries, whilst creating a sense of being close to nature. You can lie in your bed or on one of the hammocks and listen to the different bird calls, hear the rustling leaves, feed the wallabies and watch the changing light.

4. The sound of silence

You don't know quiet until you have stayed in the bush. Our ears become acustomed to the constant sound of traffic, planes, people and all the other background noise. It is not untill you wake up away from all that, where you can truly appreciate real silence. Some people even say it takes a moment to adjust, but honestly it is another reason why your mind is able to slow down a little.

5. Breathe in the country air

Another benefit of glamping in the country. The pure, fresh air! Again, you don't really know the difference until you are out here. We even provide yoga mats if you really want to take time to focus on the breath. But take our word, country air is cleansing.

Gifting someone a Glamping experience is something truly special. Our popular gift vouchers are fully customisable and can be arranged for a package stay or dollar value amount, valid for 3 years. Choose from our Luxury Eco-Tents or our one of a kind Tiny House Eco-Retreat, Baya! Contact us to arrange a voucher that will be emailed to you directly after purchase. Christmas. Tick!

Glamping is the perfect Gift with a Ketchup's Bank Glamping Gift Voucher

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